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Adventure Game Demetrios Available Now on Xbox One

18 years ago, on my first PC, I created a project in Visual Basic named Demetrios. It was akin to a fan game of Broken Sword and other adventure classics like Discworld and Gabriel Knight — I loved the idea of an average Joe becoming involved in a great mystery. With Demetrios, I put that idea to the extreme while adding a very personal touch of silly, unexpected humor.

I completed the original Demetrios in 2001 but never released it. The market (at the time) was unfriendly for a small developer and I still had to complete my studies. Thankfully with programs like ID@Xbox, this concern is a thing of the past.

Demetrios Screenshot

Convinced there was a good game beneath the amateurish cover, I decided to quit my job and become a developer full-time. The new Demetrios – The Big Cynical Adventure is a full remake, improving every aspect of the original. I’m calling it “The most professionally-made yet deliberately amateurish” adventure game on console.

The end result? 8 to 12 hours of pure adventure and fun for anyone who’d like to shut their action brain off and embark on a journey filled with ridiculous characters, foolish situations, and good puzzles.

Demetrios Screenshot

The Xbox One version contains 37 achievements with unlockable artwork. I also made sure to optimize the gamepad controls and interface to make the experience enjoyable on console. A built-in hints system consists of collecting cookies hidden on-screen, making progress pleasing for everyone.

And now, I achieved my dream of releasing a game on console. I hope you’ll enjoy it!