Trove – Adventures is Now Live on Xbox One

Video forTrove – Adventures is Now Live on Xbox One

Trove – Adventures is an all-new, free expansion for Trove released earlier this week. To celebrate this massive event, we’re giving away a stunning new Prismatic Lasercorn mount now through December 18. Whether you’re new to Trove, or an old pro, the Forbidden Spires biome is going to blow your mind. Explore this newly discovered land and face off against fierce draconic forces, unlock spectacular new styles, and test your skills in all new dungeons!

Disaeon The Immortal Screenshot

If you’re looking to take your adventures to the sky, pick up any pack before November 21, 2017 and get the legendary dragon mount, Disaeon the Immortal for Free! You can also forge battle-tested friendships with the revamped club system, get all-new tools for building whatever you can imagine, and grow in power like never before – it’s time to start up a whole new adventure!