Deep Rock Galactic is Available Now on Xbox Game Preview

We’re absolutely thrilled to share the news with you that Deep Rock Galactic, our co-op first, dwarven mining FPS is officially available as a console launch exclusive on Xbox Game Preview! In celebration of this momentous day, we thought we’d fill you in on where our intergalactic mining operation is now, and all the epic plans we have for the development of Deep Rock Galactic leading up to full commercial launch.

Deep Rock Galactic has come a long way since we first began recruiting hardy mining dwarfs in Closed Alpha in 2016. We’ve added ridiculous amount of new content to bring you the polished product now available on Xbox Game Preview, with highlights being:

  • Seven vastly different Biomes with new minerals and lots of new cave content,
  • Two new mission types (the supremely satisfying ‘Egg Hunt’ and the self explanatory ‘Kill’ missions.)
  • We’ve added ‘Bosco,’ the all-purpose-drone, your personal assistant if wish to take on the terrors of Hoxxes solo.
  • Basic Vanity Shop where you can buy new armors, hats and beards!
  • Lots of new one-lines for our dwarven heroes, and new Mission Control lines
  • Lots of new music tracks to set the mood
  • Many, many performance and stability improvements.

Now onto the good stuff: our grand plans for Game Preview! We have huge ambitions for Deep Rock Galactic, and can’t wait to start introducing all of our ideas.

We’re looking to add more creepy encounters in the caves, including new enemies, new alien flora, and maybe a boss encounter. You’ll meet new classes of dwarves in addition to the Driller, Engineer, Gunner and Scout, each with their own roles and gear. Tackle new mission types, as the corporate overlords at Deep Rock Galactic have a long list of cruel and unusual tasks they will assign. You’ll even be able to open up the sealed off areas of the Space Rig, with the Abyss Bar being high on that list. Finally, we will also continue to develop and expand the ways in which you can level up and customise your mighty mining dwarf, including the all-important cosmetic upgrades.

We have huge plans for Deep Rock Galactic, and we need you, the Xbox Community, to help us make these dreams a reality. The new content listed above is just the beginning, we want to know what you would like to see from the continued development of Deep Rock Galactic, so get playing, and let us know what you think!