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3D Platformer Robot 64 is Now Available on Roblox for Xbox One

What better way to beat the heat this summer than going on an epic mission to defeat the sun? It sounds absurd, but that’s just one of many reasons why we at Roblox love playing Robot 64 on Xbox One.

Robot 64 is an old-school 3D action-adventure game with a modern twist. You play as Beebo, a robotic hero who embarks on a wacky quest to cool down the sun with ice cream before it wipes out the world. The game has all the bells and whistles you’ve come to expect from the platformer genre—a huge variety of puzzles and playgrounds to explore, slick acrobatic moves, and collectibles galore. It even has a level editor where you can share and play user-generated content, as well as an open-world multiplayer aspect that makes it feel right at home on Roblox. Alone or with friends, you can collect over 60 ice creams scattered across seven massive worlds. Sprinkle on top a charming cast of characters and a memorable soundtrack, and you’ve got a top-notch gaming sundae that’s perfect for fans of all ages.

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“I always loved creating things as a kid, and I still do,” said zKevin, the developer behind Robot 64. “I latched onto Roblox when I was twelve years old because I always wanted to make a game.”

Every year, as part of our Accelerator Program, we invite a select group of talented young developers from the community to our headquarters and give them the skills, tools, and knowledge to create better games. After zKevin enrolled in our spring 2018 Accelerator Program, he immediately began working on an original 3D platforming game that was built from the ground up specifically for Xbox One.

Roblox Robot64 Screenshot

“There hasn’t really been an advanced platformer on Roblox, so I wanted to try and change that,” he explained. “Being able to create practically anything I want is something I don’t appreciate enough. It’s hard to believe that I’m making something that kids spend hours and hours on just like I did when I was a kid. It’s about making memories, and that means a lot more to me than any amount of money.”

zKevin is well-regarded on Roblox for creating many other zany masterpieces, such as Purple Skittles and Cleaning Simulator. If you enjoyed the oddball characters, stories, and worlds in either of those games, you’ll find yourself right at home with Robot 64.

Roblox Robot64 Screenshot

Robot 64 is available now on Roblox for Xbox One, and it’s completely free-to-play! You can stay up-to-date on zKevin’s latest titles by following him on Twitter @KevinIsNotSeven. For additional Roblox news, keep an eye on our Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Instagram pages.