Xbox One Update Preview

New Preview Alpha Skip Ahead Update – 1/5/2019

Last night, the Insider team released a new Alpha Skip Ahead build.  Xbox One Preview Alpha Skip Ahead consoles should have already received a new 1904 Xbox One system update (190105-1900). Read on for more about the latest and greatest fixes and known issues in this 1904 system update.  This build has the same fixes in 1902 plus more to be announced over the coming weeks! 





  • Various general bug fixes


Known Issues:


 Dashboard content 

  • We are investigating an issue where content on the dashboard may sometimes not load correctly.


  • We are tracking audio issues in which some games have audio that cuts in and out
  • Audio settings reverting to a previous settings after taking an update. Workaround is to please turn on your Audio Receiver prior to turning your Xbox One and the settings will not revert.

 Profile Color

  • Sometimes users may encounter the incorrect Profile color when powering on the console.