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Bombfest Crosses the Finish Line, Available Now on Xbox One

Hey Friends!

Bombfest is available now on Xbox One, and with its release, I will be accomplishing a dream I never thought possible. Ever since I was a child, I loved creating stories and experiences and games to share with others. I would run around the playground and set up obstacle courses for my friends to race through, or draw out race tracks and landscapes for paper characters to explore.

Video games were a big part of my childhood. I played Zelda on my father’s SNES, and then Halo on PC. From there, I got invested in StarCraft and Team Fortress 2, and I learned that I could make more own worlds with the tools provided. I would spend hours planning scenarios or blocking out maps just to share with my friends on private, dedicated servers. I’ve always had a passion to bring people together through games.


My career started in college. I felt called to start making games professionally, and that’s what I did. I worked through college to save money, and I studied Unity and Unreal in my spare time. I made a handful of games that aren’t worth sharing, and after college I settled on a title called Well-Wishes. This game would eventually become Bombfest, and you can play it today.

It wasn’t long before I was joined by our art director, Marisa Hike, our sound effects artist, Matthew Trowbridge, and all of our friends at Whitethorn Digital. We’ve traveled across the country together, spent countless long nights fixing problems, and enjoyed the smiling faces of those who play our game. Bombfest has been a long process, almost four years now, and it wouldn’t be possible without the help of many talented individuals.

I hope to encourage and inspire other developers with my story. Game development isn’t for everyone, and it should never be approached without a good understanding of the time, money, and risks involved. At the end of the day, there aren’t many people that can boot up their favorite console and point at something they made. I was incredibly blessed, and if you feel the same calling, I hope to offer whatever I can to help make that dream a reality, too.

Bombfest is available now on Xbox One and can be purchased on the Microsoft Store. Click here for details.