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TERA: Reloaded Gives Elins Another Shot at Greatness

Since the beginning of TERA, one of the most popular races has been the elins, and from the beginning of the development of the gunner, we were visualizing what a tiny little girl with animal features would look like toting around a big, magic-shooting cannon — we’re excited that we’re finally able to bring you that vision with the elin gunner!

In addition to holding a special event to help you get that elin gunner (or any class, really) up to max level, the TERA: Reloaded content introduces Xbox One players to some of our favorite dungeons for the first time: Thaumetal Refinery and Ravenous Gorge, and we’ll soon be seeing the RK-9 Kennel and Broken Prison, a series of dungeons telling the story of the return of the dark god Lakan.

TERA: Reloaded

Speaking of dungeons and returns, Reloaded also brings back some of your favorite dungeons, revised and revamped for your enjoyment: Lilith’s Keep, Shattered Fleet, Kalivan’s Dreadnaught (along with its solo version), and Sky Cruiser Endeavor, all to prepare you for the up-coming sequel to Lilith’s Keep: Ruinous Manor.

Some of these dungeons are going to put you to the test, so we’ve also added a new level of gear sets, Guardian gear, and a revamped enchanting system that lets you take that equipment to the next level…and then the level after that…and then the level after that! Keep enchanting and upgrading that gear whenever you get the chance, and you’ll eventually end up with the awesome Stormcry gear.

TERA: Reloaded

Of course, you don’t just fall backward into awesome, so you’re going to have to do a little work to improve your gear like securing enchanting materials…and if you think you need to build up your supplies, you’re going to want to check out Guardian legion missions. These are floating events that anyone can participate in (starting at level 65), in which you tackle big challenges—and the better you perform, the more rewards you get.

Grab your guns and get ready to go! KitTeaCup out!

TERA is available now for Xbox One and available to download today from Microsoft Store.