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How to Customize Your Car’s Stats in Team Sonic Racing, Available Now on Xbox One

Team Sonic Racing is a colorful and competitive style kart racer where racers can go online and compete with players around the world – the competition is going to be fierce on day one. You’ll find that there’s a few ways to victory including improving your driving skills, working with your teammates, finding the perfect balance between character types on your team and finally customizing your car to maximize performance.

As you journey through Team Adventure Mode and win other races, you’ll see that your credit count will start to stack up. This is your in-game currency, spend it wisely.

Once you’ve won a few races, head over to the Mod Pod section to spend your credits. You’ll receive a random useable Mod Pod which contains either a car part for some of your favorite Sonic Characters or Bonus Boxes to give you extra help at the beginning or middle of a race.

There are a ton of different Bonus Boxes to win. Some will give you a chance to start off with a Wisp at the beginning of the race and others will give you a bonus that will come in handy mid-race. For example, one of the Bonus Boxes grants you a Crimson Eagle at the start of the race. Taking down an opponent racer with one of these homing missiles early on could give that extra push you need to get to the front of the pack.  Before a race, you’ll be prompted to load a Bonus Box.

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Outside of Bonus Boxes, there’s a chance you’ll receive a front item, rear item, wheels, vinyl, a horn or a rare legendary item. If you’ve received some of these, take to the garage to start swapping out parts on some of your favorite characters’ cars.

Once at the garage you’ll see that each car has a front section, a rear section, and a wheel section to modify. Each one of these sections has three standard parts, and three legendary parts. That’s 18 parts per car to choose from. The changes to your car’s stats will affect your car’s acceleration, defense and top speed.

Here’s a quick breakdown of how each attribute will affect your driving:

  • Acceleration: Reach top speed faster
  • Boost: Increase the duration of your boosts (Drifting, Wisp, Boost Pad, Etc.)
  • Defense: Recover faster after a spin out
  • Handling: Corner turns more precisely
  • Top Speed: Increase your maximum speed

Once you’re happy with your upgraded car, you can start modifying the look and even the sound of your horns. We wanted to give you a chance to really make your car your own. In Team Sonic Racing each car has three color sections to modify. Each color section has four colors to choose from. You can also choose a distinct palette and borrow color palettes from other characters. If you’ve always wanted Sonic’s car to look a bit less blue and a bit more purple like Big the Cat, go ahead. This is your chance to show off your taste.

Team Sonic Racing

If you’d like to add a bit more flare to your car, you can personalize your car’s vinyl.  Stock cars come with no vinyls but as you progress through Team Adventure mode, you’ll find your vinyl inventory start to increase. Personalize your car even more and choose anything from a simple dot pattern to a sponsor decal. To add another layer, you can even choose the colors of your vinyls to match your car’s palette and swap out the sound of your horns.

After modifying your car’s colors, your vinyl, your car parts and your horn, you’ll truly be one of a kind.

Team Sonic Racing is available now for Xbox One on the Microsoft Store. Click here for purchase details.