Dead by Daylight: Stranger Things Chapter

Stranger Things is Now Available in Dead by Daylight on Xbox One

Hello, People of the Fog.

There are some serious 80s vibes coming to Dead by Daylight: Are you ready to meet new yet familiar faces in your quest to escape the Entity’s World and its nightmares? After more than three years of existence, we’re still looking into new ways to improve and renew our players’ experience while keeping the game exciting and fun. New maps and characters are one way to do so and today we’re excited to add a new chapter to our story, and not just any chapter: “Stranger Things.”

We’ve teamed up with Netflix to work on a new map, a new killer and not one but two new survivors from the acclaimed series. The result: The Entity’s Realm is welcoming a Demogorgon, Nancy Wheeler and Steve Harrington while the Hawkins National Laboratory’s Underground Complex is the new killing ground. I’ve asked Interactive Producer at Netflix Matthew Denomme to tell us more about it.

Dead by Daylight: Stranger Things Chapter

Brand Director Olivier Latanicki: What triggered the idea to work with Behaviour on Dead by Daylight: Stranger Things Chapter?

Interactive Producer at Netflix Matthew Denomme: It was a thrill to team up with the folks at Behaviour on this expansive chapter. It truly was a very natural and collaborative partnership, myself being a fan of the game prior to our working together and the development team being fans of the series as well. We were just talking the same language the whole time. The way they’ve realized the different elements of the series in the game feels very authentic and true to the show as a result.

The new map and characters are carefully designed to integrate the existing lore and 1vs4 gameplay of Dead by Daylight and create new opportunities for terrific jump-scares. I talked with Dead by Daylight Creative Director Dave Richard to tells us more about Dead by Daylight: Stranger Things.

Dead by Daylight: Stranger Things Chapter

OL: Several iconic movie characters have joined Dead by Daylight since its launch. What makes this Chapter unique?

Creative Director Dave Roberts: The Stranger Things chapter introduces a non-human character, a first in Dead by Daylight. The brutal Demogorgon adds a brand-new flavor to the game. It’s also the first time two unique survivors are in a chapter. Furthermore, I think we can all agree in saying “Stranger Things” is a classic in the making. Working on an ongoing series of this magnitude has been invigorating for the team.

OL: The Demogorgon who terrorized Hawkins in the first season of the show is joining Dead by Daylight‘s roster of killers. What were the challenges you faced in bringing the Demogorgon to life in the game? Can you tell us more about his unique power?

DR: The Demogorgon is the first non-human monster of Dead by Daylight, and its unique morphology was the biggest challenge we had to face. Thankfully our animation team was up to the task!

In terms of gameplay, it was essential for us to stay true to the fantasy when incarnating the Demogorgon. The goal was to create a character with whom the players would portray a brutal hunting beast. It was critical to feature its unique upside-down abilities as well. “Of the abyss” is a power that allows the Demogorgon to create holes in reality. When strategically placed, these holes form a network of portals which can be accessed only by the Demogorgon, giving it map control and the element of surprise. The Demogorgon also has a secondary attack, a fast and long-range pounce.

Dead by Daylight: Stranger Things Chapter

OL: Nancy Wheeler and Steve Harrington are the new survivors included in this Chapter. What made you choose them? How did their characters in the series impact their design and their perks in the game?

DR: There are so many iconic characters in “Stranger Things” that it was hard to decide which should be taken by The Entity. That’s one of the reasons we have two this time around! Nancy and Steve have been in the series since its debut and have fantastic story arcs. We chose these characters because their look and personality fit the Dead by Daylight universe well, and let’s be honest: Steve’s hair.

As fans can expect, Steve’s perks highlight his resilience to taking beatings, the importance of camaraderie and his babysitting prowess in a balance of survival and altruistic perks. Nancy offers a set of survival, scouting, and stealthy perks showing off her abilities and fixation on uncovering the truth. Overall that’s six new perks coming to the survivors’ arsenal.

OL: The players will discover a brand-new map, the Underground Complex, located below the Hawkins National Laboratory. What makes this map different from the others in Dead by Daylight?

DR: Underground Complex is an interior map built on staggered floors. Its two distinct areas, the bunker and the clinic, are joined by flights of staircases. The map’s unique layout has a lot of approaches, navigation paths, and surprises. The players will find lots of unique rooms that are sure to challenge even the most battle-hardened chase veterans.

You can download Dead by Daylight: Stranger Things Chapter from the Microsoft Store today for $11.99. The Stranger Things DLC will unlock its new Killer, new Survivors, and exclusive items for the new survivors. See you in the Fog!