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Idle Champions Presents: A Unique Interactive Dungeons & Dragons Livestream Experience

We’re very excited to be able to tell you about “Idle Champions Presents,” a unique interactive Dungeons & Dragons livestream experience.

Idle Champions players on Xbox can make in-game decisions that will impact a series of live Dungeons & Dragons sessions that feature popular content creators. In turn, the outcomes of those D&D sessions will affect what happens in-game the following week!

Each episode of “Idle Champions Presents” is broadcast live from 4 p.m. PT to 7 p.m. PT on our Twitch channel: The cast play as their character as featured in Idle Champions.

In the week between each episode, you cast votes in-game to influence what you want to happen in the next livestream alongside your fellow Xbox players. Throughout the week, there will be seven days of voting affecting the next episode. The game will translate player choices into events and updates that can challenge or assist the cast during the livestream. Then, depending on what the cast chose in their adventure, you’ll see different events and updates afterward in Idle Champions to the game itself, making for a genuinely bidirectional interactive experience.

Idle Champions

Let’s talk about the different in-game effects and livestream effects. During the first adventure, “The Unfair Seas,” players voted on many various events in the stream, including awarding extra dice to boost the cast members’ rolls and even forcing the cast to speak in rhyme live on stream. Other choices the players made included having the party fight a gaggle of demonic geese, which then appeared in their game on Xbox the following week!

We’re excited to see what the Xbox players vote for during the next adventure,A Fool’s Errand,” which started Monday, March 8.

Idle Champions

“Idle Champions Presents” includes a stellar cast of well-known Dungeons & Dragons personalities who all have their characters recreated faithfully as Champions in the game.

Two new guests will join the main cast from the first adventure. Dungeon Master B Dave Walters (“A Darkened Wish,” “Silver & Steel”), Krystina Arielle (“Sirens of the Realms,” “Star Wars: The High Republic Show”), Erin M Evans (“Brimstone Angels,” “Dungeon Scrawlers”), and Mark Meer (Mass Effect, Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition) are joined by Adam Bradford (“Beyond Heroes”), and Jen Kretchmer (“Silver & Steel,” D&D designer, and author).

Idle Champions

The second “Idle Champions Presents” adventure, “A Fool’s Errand,” started this past Monday, March 15. Each episode of “Idle Champions Presents” is broadcast live from 4 p.m. PT to 7 p.m. PT on our Twitch channel: The cast play as their character as featured in Idle Champions.

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Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms is a Dungeons & Dragons strategy management game uniting characters from throughout the D&D multiverse into a grand adventure. ABOUT THIS GAME Key Features: Collect Iconic Champions Unlock Champions from across the Dungeons & Dragons multiverse including fan-favorites from Forgotten Realms novels, campaign adventures, actual plays like Acquisitions Incorporated and Oxventure, shows like 1 For All, and video games like Baldur's Gate 3. Dungeons & Dragons Strategy Game Master each Champion's formation abilities to complete adventures based on official Dungeons & Dragons campaigns, including Wild Beyond the Witchlight, Waterdeep: Dragon Heist, Baldur's Gate: Descent into Avernus, and Curse of Strahd. Adventure in the Forgotten Realms Journey throughout the Sword Coast, from the glaciers of Icewind Dale to the libraries of Candlekeep. Visit legendary cities like Baldur's Gate, Waterdeep, and Sigil, the City of Doors. Explore the mists of Barovia, brave the endless Blood War of Avernus, and sail the Astral Sea. Regular Content Updates Idle Champions has been actively developed since launching in 2017, releasing new campaigns each year, exciting new Champions every month, and new in-game features frequently. – Monthly Events – Guide and Collection Quests – Quarterly Celebrations – Time Gates – Offline Progress – Multi Party Mode – Modron Automation – Trials of Mount Tiamat – Original Bardic Inspiration Soundtrack by Jason Charles Miller More information: