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Time is of the Essence in Operation: Tango’s Free Content Update

Following its release in July, and a string of several award wins since then, Operation: Tango is now dropping a free content update featuring an all-new Challenge Mode. So, grab your partner and get ready for this new twist on Tango’s spy experience!

The new content update finds Angel and Alistair, our illustrious pair of agent and hacker, back at Tango HQ’s Training Facility, anxious to tackle a collection of fully reimagined and amped-up puzzles inspired by the comments and desires of our community. Players will explore the facility, unlocking its sections one after another as they complete challenges. Along the way, they will encounter old and new robotic friends to help them ace the training program. But as always, it is only by taking their communication skills to new levels that Tango operatives can find success.

The challenges of the free content update are espionage-based time trials. Completion times are ranked from bronze to gold, while our Discord server will host leaderboards to supply bragging rights to the world’s best operatives. But whether you’re a casual or competitive gamer, out for some fun or a serious speed-run, Operation: Tango strives to give all players an experience that is challenging yet always accessible.

When deciding on what new content to produce for the game, the game’s director, Mattieu Bégin, thought “Operation: Tango is rich in possibilities, especially for those already familiar with its core mechanics.” Inspired by the speed-running community, Matt asked his team: “What if this free content release was focused on speed of execution?” The team quickly got on board!

Since the new content unlocks after all missions are completed, it makes sense to go beyond the thrill of discovering new scenarios, and instead challenge players on how precisely and quickly they manage to communicate. It’s a fun exercise in expert execution and it lets players decide for themselves how far they want to push it.

Anybody can leisurely go through the challenges if all they want is to experience new content, but those who wish to test their limits can try for silver or gold, or even compete on the overall leaderboard on our Discord server.

Don’t hesitate! There is so much to discover in the new free content update for Operation: Tango. And don’t forget: friends still play for free!

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NOTES: – This game is online co-op only and requires a microphone. – Thanks to the Friend Pass, any of your friends can play with you for free. – Cross-platform play enabled It takes two to save the world in this cooperative spy adventure. Pair up with a friend as Agent or Hacker—with only your voices to connect you—and work together to bring a hi-tech global menace to its knees. Now with a FREE CONTENT UPDATE – The Challenge mode introduces a new area to explore, new puzzles to solve, and new robots to hack. Game features: CO-OP PUZZLE SOLVING – Combine skill sets from different points of view to overcome challenges focused on communication, not difficulty. These missions cannot be completed alone. THRILLING ESPIONAGE – Investigate, hack and infiltrate while executing missions across the globe. Live out your ultimate “Hollywood” spy fantasy! HI-TECH TOOLS – Experience the visual splendor and technological advances of a hyper-connected world built around augmented reality. FRIENDLY BANTER – Constant communication makes for both heartfelt and hilarious moments. It’s all about sharing your voice. Multiplayer options: FRIEND PASS – If you own Operation: Tango, any of your friends can play with you for free. All they need to do is download the Operation: Tango Friend Pass on their platform of choice. It takes two to save the world, but it only takes one to pay for it. CROSS-PLATFORM PLAY – Operation: Tango can be played with a person who is not playing on the same platform as you. Practical, isn't it?