Minecraft Preview

Minecraft Preview Guide and FAQs

Since it kicked off in 2017, the Minecraft Beta was one of the Xbox Insider Program’s most active playtests.  Now, The Minecraft Beta is being replaced with Minecraft Preview as a new way for users to get early access to updates for Minecraft.

Minecraft Preview FAQs

What happened to the Minecraft Beta that was previously available in the Xbox Insider Hub?

The Minecraft Beta program has been retired and Minecraft Preview is replacing it. If you already own Minecraft, you can install Minecraft Preview today to check out the latest and greatest features!

Where can I find out more about the Minecraft Preview?

You can find new access instructions as well as more information about the new Minecraft Preview program at https://aka.ms/PreviewFAQ.

Thanks to all Xbox Insiders for your participation in the Minecraft Beta over these past 5 years!