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Bomber Crew: American Edition Takes Off on Xbox One Today

Hello, Xbox fans!

We’re proud to announce that Bomber Crew: American Bundle and Bomber Crew: USAAF DLC is now available on Xbox One.

For those who may not have had the chance to check it out, Bomber Crew is a strategy simulation game where you control every aspect of a WWII bomber; you tag enemy fighters, you manage the oxygen supplies of your crew, you choose whether to dive or climb higher to avoid enemy fire, you mark your objectives and most importantly, push the big red button that says Drop Bombs!

You name it you control it in this fast-paced bomber adventure.

Bomber Crew USAAF Screenshot

For all Xbox Game Pass members, it’s available now to download and if you don’t own Xbox Game Pass, you can also fly on over to the Microsoft Store to see what it’s all about!

Since the day Bomber Crew launched, a lot of fans have asked when they’ll be able to pilot a new bomber, and we’re excited to tell you that with the launch of the USAAF DLC, you’ll be able to pilot the B-17 Flying Fortress, the iconic American bomber, on new missions against new enemy types, with more crew than ever, and more gun turrets than ever! Seven gun turrets in total.

Bomber Crew USAAF Screenshot

For those who already own Bomber Crew, either via the Microsoft Store or via Xbox Game Pass, the USAAF DLC will be available for purchase; Bomber Crew: American Edition includes both the base game and the USAAF DLC.

Over and out for now. Feel free to find Curve Digital on your favorite social media channels for further updates, and always pack your trusty pigeon!

Bomber Crew: American Bundle and Bomber Crew: USAAF DLC are available now for Xbox One on the Microsoft Store.