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Warface Becomes Xbox One X Enhanced

Warface, launched in September 2018, has been available on Xbox One for nearly half-a-year now. We did our best to support the game and deliver the content that we promised; since launch we have added four raids, 18 PvP maps and two new game modes.

We’re happy to announce the next step in the visual development of the game with the addition of HDR and 4K Ultra HD support on Xbox One X. Everything is better in 4K: the image is clearer and the picture becomes smoother, removing any screen flickering.

Warface Xbox One X Enhanced

As a competitive online shooter, Warface is a game where frame rate really matters – the game runs at 60 fps in 4k Ultra HD with HDR turned on Xbox One X (4K Ultra HD quality and HDR can be enabled in game settings).

We strive to improve the in-game experience for our players with minor updates being issued weekly. A fair share of those are aimed at enhancing the visual aspect of Warface. We do realize the vital importance of quality graphics in modern games and the addition of 4K and HDR was the next logical step in our game’s development.

Warface Xbox One X Enhanced

In previous posts we have touched upon a number of topics all of which showcased new content. Yet today we want to take a stroll down the other avenue  and discuss the quality of life changes. Most of the players have already seen our efforts in creating Bridges 2.0 and Yard 2.0 – two completely reworked classic Warface maps. We believe that the addition of 4K Ultra HD resolution, as well as HDR, will not only would bring our community to a new level of graphical ingame experience, but will also further expand our console player base.

Alexander Shimov, the project manager of Warface console versions at Allods Team states, “From a developer’s point of view working with Xbox One X was a very smooth experience for various reasons. Firstly, the console has incredible amounts of processing power. And secondly, it is a remarkably convenient and easy to handle platform altogether. That mix just made the development process so much easier.”

Warface Xbox One X Enhanced

According to Alexander, one of the most interesting aspects of development was the UI adaptation. That was a very challenging task, as every element of the interface had to be reworked merely from scratch, and each of those required a different approach.

“This was our first experience of introducing 4K Ultra HD and HDR to our games. Of course we encountered a number of challenges that we hadn’t foreseen, but we have learned a lot from them, and we hope that our players would like the fruit of our labour,” Alexander Shimov said. “For us it paves the way of our future projects and the ongoing development of the team’s expertise”

Warface is available now as a free to play title on Xbox One. You can download it today from the Microsoft Store.