PDXCON 2019: All the Exciting Xbox News Revealed from Berlin

I was super grateful to join our friends from Paradox Interactive on stage at PDXCON this past weekend to share some great news about two new strategy titles. Crusader Kings III epitomizes everything I love about grand strategy titles and having spent so much time in Surviving Mars I couldn’t be more stoked to help announce Surviving the Aftermath on stage.

With Crusader Kings III coming to Xbox Game Pass for PC (Beta) in 2020, aligned with its worldwide launch, members will get to jump into Paradox’s new generation of grand strategy games in a rich, medieval setting, filled with endless, dramatic emergent stories, and a deep new focus on building your dynasty over multiple generations. It’s awesome to have this as part of the Xbox Game Pass for PC (Beta) catalogue when it launches next year and we can’t wait to bring more fans into the grand strategy game fold!

Likewise with Surviving the Aftermath – available now on the Microsoft Store — fans will have the opportunity to help shape the game’s development via Xbox Game Preview on Xbox One, while surviving and thriving in a post-apocalyptic future to restore civilization to a devastated world. Surviving the Aftermath is such a great fit for the Xbox Game Preview program and we’re thrilled to watch the game evolve as a result of the feedback and dialogue between Paradox and the Xbox community.

Some other great announcements that happened at PDXCON 19 that Xbox fans can get excited about are expansions to Age of Wonders Planetfall coming next month and a swathe of new content coming soon to Stellaris: Console Edition on Xbox One (also available with Xbox Game Pass). Fans at PDXCON also had the chance to play Empire of Sin which is a super cool strategy game from John and Brenda Romero and coming to Xbox in Spring 2020!

All in all, it was a rad weekend to be in Berlin for my first PDXCON and I couldn’t be happier to have been part of the festivities.

Stay tuned to Xbox Wire for more about Paradox Interactive and all the games revealed at PDXCON.