The Last Campfire

Hello Games’ The Last Campfire Coming to Xbox One This Summer


In the past few years, Hello Games has become synonymous with massive procedurally-generated worlds since we launched No Man’s Sky on Xbox One. Since then, millions of Xbox fans have explored an almost inconceivably vast universe together or in single player.

What a lot of you won’t remember is that, before No Man’s Sky, Hello Games were an even smaller studio than we are today making altogether smaller games. A side-scrolling motorcycle stunt game by the name of Joe Danger was our first game. It was made by four people and became a pretty big hit in the days of Xbox Live Arcade on the Xbox 360.

As fun as No Man’s Sky is to work on, and we intend to keep working on it for some time yet, as a studio we want to make sure we are nurturing smaller teams to make their own Joe Danger

The Last Campfire

Just over a year ago, at the Video Game Awards 2018, we unveiled a teaser trailer for The Last Campfire. This small team is super excited now to announce that The Last Campfire is coming to Xbox One this Summer, hopefully the trailer at the top of this article gives you a little insight into the emotional adventure we are crafting.

The game follows the story of Ember, a lost soul in a puzzling environment, attempting to find meaning and their way home. It is a game about rekindling hope in a hopeless world.

The team behind The Last Campfire wanted the player to become lost within a storybook world, travelling through beautiful environments, meeting strange and unusual characters in a heartfelt story about finding hope.

The Last Campfire is coming to Xbox One this Summer. We really hope you enjoy it.

A new journey begins.