Warframe: The New War

Warframe: The New War is Here and the Origin System Will Never Be the Same

Warframe’s The New War cinematic expansion is finally here, and the entirety of the Origin System will be forever scarred by the coming conflict. The Sentients — a sinister race of relentlessly-evolving machines — have launched an all-out war of extinction. As that battle rages on, you will discover more about the truth behind the conflict, understanding the Lotus’ past and the nature of your mother-and-child relationship.

You’re going to need more than some fancy moves and a happy trigger finger if you hope to survive, though. Harness the power of the Sentients themselves with the first-ever Sentient-Warframe hybrid Caliban or showcase your martial prowess by grafting their twisted, evolving technology directly onto your other Warframes with our bigger and better Sentient-themed ‘The New War’ Supporter Packs.

Warframe: The New War

Out with the old, in with The New War

The New War is more than just our most ambitious Cinematic Quest to date. It’s the dawn of a new epoch in Warframe, one with lasting consequences that you will be able to explore more in the months ahead. Unexpected new allies and enemies will rise and areas that Tenno have spent years exploring will undergo radical transformations. Unlike some of Warframe’s previous Quests, once you complete The New War, it won’t be back to business as usual. “We’ve been keeping our lips tightly sealed about everything that’s coming in The New War,” says Live Ops and Community Director Rebecca Ford. “There’s so much more to the story than what we’ve shown so far, and it goes to some pretty unexpected, bizarre, and emotional places. The Quest itself is the longest we’ve ever created, and once you complete it there is even more to discover. I can’t wait to see how our community reacts — the stage has been set for a wild future.”

Once the dust has settled and you’re digging into The New War’s post-quest surprises, you’ll want to turn the Sentients’ own weapons against them. Enter Caliban, a twisted hybrid Warframe infused with the same destructive technology that makes Sentients so formidable. When using Caliban, for example, you and your fellow Tenno automatically gain resistances to whatever types of damage you’re currently taking.

Warframe: The New War

Don’t get the wrong idea, though. Caliban is able to dish it out just as well as he can take it. His Razor Gyre Ability turns him into a vicious vortex of pain that you can steer around the battlefield, even dashing to targeted enemies. Pro tip: Cast Sentient Wrath first to knock enemies into the air and make them even more vulnerable to damage. If things get dicey, Caliban can also summon up to three Conculyst Sentients to fight alongside him or recharge his shields outside of battle. Or just unleash Caliban’s Fusion Strike, which fires three converging energy beams, triggering an explosion so powerful that any enemy who survives will be stripped of any armor bonuses.

New and improved Supporter Packs

For Tenno who aren’t afraid to welcome our potential new Sentient overlords, we have something special: The New War Supporter Packs featuring Sentient-themed Customizations that evolve into new forms as Tenno complete challenges, like increasing their Sentient kill-count. Who needs to brag about being the ultimate Sentient slayer when your Warframe does the talking for you?

Each tier of Supporter Pack comes with its own evolving Protovyre Customization, including a new Ephemera, Syandana, and Armor Set. While the latter will be immediately recognizable to anyone who has fought the Sentients before, the Ephemera and Syandana hint at a new evolution of Sentient technology that Tenno will encounter during The New War.

“Each of the new Protovyre Customizations comes with its own set of challenges that, when completed, causes the item to transform into a striking new form,” says Weapons Artist Nikita Leshakov. “Because each stage is a separate Customization that you can swap between, though, I put a lot of effort into making each stage feel distinct. The Sentients are so unlike anything else in Warframe, and we wanted to create something that evolves and changes just like they do.”

  • Warframe: The New War
  • Warframe: The New War

The items found in The New War Supporter Packs will give you all the options you need to express the dramatic evolution of your own Tenno as they confront their past in this climactic new chapter of Warframe’s story. While The New War Invasion Pack includes all the Sentient-themed Customizations you could want, The New War Resistance Pack features go even further with a Deluxe Skin for Volt that gives this beloved Warframe its own Sentient makeover, in addition to Platinum that you can use to take your Warframe fashion to an even higher level. Or you can go all-out with The New War Reckoning Pack — an enormous offering that includes items from all the previous packs plus the addition of a Sentient Deluxe Skin for Mesa, a Protovyre Armor Set, even more Platinum, and more. Of course, the Protovyre Customizations and Deluxe Skins can also be purchased using Platinum in the in-game Market.

Warframe: The New War

While Tenno will be able to acquire Caliban just through playing the content coming in The New War expansion, we’re always looking for ways we can provide even more value to players. That’s why The New War Resistance and Reckoning Packs also come with the Caliban Warframe bundle, so you can unlock and wield the might of this Sentient hybrid and his signature weapon, the Venato Scythe, as you take your first steps into The New War.

However you decide to fight the Sentients in The New War, we can’t wait for you to experience this bold new chapter of Warframe’s story.

Warframe’s The New War cinematic expansion is now available and free to play on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

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