Blogcast #3

Here is this weeks Blogcast. As I did last time, I also am providing the file in both WMA and MP3 formats. Both files contain the same blogcast…it’s up to you to snag the format you prefer. I continue to tweak both the MP3 and WMA settings so please let me know what you think of settings. (bitrate/compression etc.)

Some of the things I talk about this blogcast:

? Blog upgrade
? I get my first troll?and I respond to him/her
? Top 25
? Halo 2 Xbox Live trailers
? Splinter Cell content
? MVP game
? I tell you what that cool project was that I was working on
? ?and much more.

Major Nelson Radio Episode 3 in MP3 Format (5.5Mb)

Major Nelson Radio Episode 3 in WMA Format (3.6Mb)

I have also created a RSS Feed based on the blogcast category. If you just want the blogcast, you can just subscribe to that feed. If you are subscribed to the main RSS feed?you’ll also get it there as well. There really is no point in subscribing to both?but that’s up to you.