And the winners are. . .

Last week I posted about the cool new Major Nelson .com headsets that Plantronics sent me to give away to the community. Well, after going through the over 300 emails I got, I found some real gems.

Congratulations to all of the the winners…and thanks for the amazing amount of email I got! If you did NOT win…don’t worry, I have plenty more to give away soon, in various ways 🙂

Here they are in no specific order. If you were one of the lucky winners, keep an eye on your email box for instructions on how to get your headset.

From Rocker23:

From Jeremy:

From Sonicfreak:

And a favorite of the entire Xbox team from The Rebel7642:

And this one from Josh…who actually will get TWO headsets since he was so creative. (hey it’s my contest…I can do what I want)

Again, thanks to all that entered!