DOAU Tourney Update

Tecmo’s Dead or Alive Ultimate Tourney has been very popular. How popular? They had to add more Mystery Gamer sessions.This press release went out this morning to explain:

(press release below)

TWO MORE MYSTERY GAMER SESSIONS HAVE BEEN ADDED TO THE DEAD OR ALIVE ULTIMATE MYSTERY GAMER COMPETITION DOA fans will have two more chances to show off their fighting skills against the DOAU Mystery Gamer as Tecmo and Xbox Live add two more Mystery Gamer sessions to the DOAU Tournament

TORRANCE, Calif., March 24, 2005?”Due to the popularity of the Dead or Alive Ultimate” Mystery Gamer Competition, Tecmo and Xbox” Live announced today that they have added two more online fighting sessions to the first round of the DOAU Tournament. DOA fans that have not had the chance to compete will get two more opportunities to fight and possibly beat the DOAU Mystery Gamer during these last two sessions. Only those participants who beat the DOAU Mystery Gamer during the first round of Mystery Gamer sessions will move onto the action packed second round of competition. The added online sessions are scheduled for this week, the first one to be held on Friday, March 25, 2005 from 5p.m. to 7p.m. PST, and the second session on Saturday, March 26, 2005 from 5p.m. to 7p.m PST.

Only the strong will survive in the second round when the sixty-four finalists from the first round duke it out in this no holds barred blood thirsty online bracket-style round through Xbox Live. The two winners to survive the online blood bath will win the ?oChance in a Lifetime? grand prize to Los Angeles to experience the 2005 Electronic Entertainment Expo and have a chance to meet the man they may have beat during the first round, the infamous Itagaki. More details on the second round and grand prize will be revealed in the upcoming weeks. For the most up to date information and official rules on the DOAU Mystery Gamer Competition go to at

About The Dead or Alive Ultimate Mystery Gamer Competition
The first round of the U.S. and Canadian tournament, entitled ?oThe Dead or Alive Ultimate Mystery Gamer Competition,? allows DOAU fighting fans from both countries a chance of a lifetime to fight against one of the creators of the game from Tecmo’s highly esteemed Team Ninja development group. For one month, participants will be able to show off their fighting skills and prove their worth by logging into designated DOAU Mystery Gamer sessions through Xbox Live. Once there, they will receive only one chance to play and beat the DOAU Mystery Gamer in order to qualify for the finals round of the tournament. Designated dates and times for the DOAU Mystery Gamer sessions are listed on the official Xbox website at later this week. Other regions will follow suit with their own versions for the first round of competition, details on other region’s tournaments will be announced in the upcoming weeks from Microsoft.

Contestants who beat the DOAU Mystery Gamer will move on to the finals round of the tournament where they will have a chance to fight against each other through Xbox Live in a fast and furious face-off using a random bracket format to decide the best of the best from US and Canada. The top two winners from this round, along with the 6 other regional winners from around the world, will win a ?oChance in a Lifetime? prize package to the 2005 Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles, California. For more information on prizing and the official tournament rules go to

About Dead or Alive Ultimate
The latest installment in the multi-million selling Dead or Alive fighting series is packed with a punch as it boasts unbelievable new graphics, staggering new moves and combo attacks, new multi-tiered and fully interactive environments, brand-new unlockable costumes and secret characters, an in-depth story line, unique 2-disc set packaging with inclusion of collectible trading cards, and a behind the scenes look at Team Ninja and the making of Dead or Alive Ultimate. True to its roots, the famous DOA girls will also be back in action and sexier than ever in the most scantily clad and outrageous outfits to date in the fighting series.

Topping that all off is the revolutionary new online capabilities in the game made available through Xbox Live”. With six different online modes to choose from including Winner-Stays, Tournament, Team Battle, Survival, Loser-Stays, and Kumite Battle, and all using the highly anticipated online feature, ?oVirtual Arcade?, where 8 players are able to participate in a fighting session at one time, Dead or Alive Ultimate is the ultimate 3-D online fighting game this fall. Players from across the nation will be able to play each other using all six of these modes and experience smooth online game play whether they are playing their friend down the street or across the country.

See official rules for details.