E3 Day 1 (Midday report)

It’s been a crazy morning on the floor. I took some great photos of the Xbox Booth that I am creating a Photostory around and it will be on Xbox.com later. Some cool news is that we had a VIP visitor today, Mr. Steven Spielberg was in the booth. He met with Peter Moore, and I was not around to grab a photo or get any audio. I am pretty bummed about that…I was actually in the other hall seeing what people thought of the other announcements. Lot’s to do this afternoon, I have to get ready for the Community Party tonight. I am most excited about that, and meeting so many Xbox community members. I may even swing by the Sony booth and hand them some invites. Where’s the Sony community party? Yea…I thought so.

(sidenote: there are no PS3 demos or information anywhere in their booth that I saw)