Windows Vista

It was announced today that Longhorn is now "Windows Vista", the next version of Windows.

Read the press materials here

I have been too busy with the Xbox 360 project to even look at what the new features are of Longhorn Vista are, but when I was with Scoble on the Boeing flight earlier this week I told him this is what I want out of my next OS (in no particular order):

1) It has to be able to handle Audio and Video seamlessly
2) I want it to run as fast a year later as the day I installed it
3) I want to be able to add / remove programs with out the system performance decaying over time (see number 2 above)
4) It has to have kick ass search that won't bring my system to it's knees while it's indexing
5) It has to be secure. Enough said
6) Native RSS and pod casting support (I know it will have RSS support, but I have heard nothing of podcasting support)
7) It has to be fun to use.
8) One IM client please (seriously, what the heck is Windows Messenger for, and why does it fight with MSN Messenger? )
9) Make the system response snappy.
10) Don't' make me have to care about DLL's. When I install an application, just make it work. Make everything work.

If you can hit all that, you enter into the bonus round, where I'd like to see a system wide spell checker 😉

(Cue: the Mac crowd to extole the Mac virutes. )

P.S. Here's a fun trivia question I like to ask about Windows: Where in Windows XP can you STILL find a Windows 3.1 dialogue box?)