Top Japanese Publishers coming to Xbox 360

This just landed in my inbox from the PR team over in Japan. Let the conversation begin ūüėČ

Top Japanese Publishers Announce Commitment to Xbox 360
Blockbuster franchises such as ?oResident Evil? and ?oRidge Racer? are coming to Xbox 360.

TOKYO ?” July 25, 2005 ?” Today at the Xbox Summit 2005 in Tokyo, more than 50 of Japan’s elite game publishers pledged their support for the Xbox 360″ video game and entertainment system, underscoring the momentum Microsoft Corp. is amassing behind the next-generation console. The games announced today, to a standing-room-only audience, span a full range of genres and include titles previously exclusive to other video game systems. These next-generation games, including major titles such as ?oResident Evil? and ?oRidge Racer,? showcase the incredible experiences enabled through Xbox 360, presenting entertainment experiences that are always connected, always personalized and always optimized for high-definition television, while also spectacular on standard-definition televisions. By leveraging the system’s revolutionary combination of hardware, software and services, these developers have brought their globally popular brand of gaming artistry to the next generation.
Japanese publishers that announced their support today for Xbox 360 include Capcom Co. Ltd., Konami Corp., Namco Ltd. and Tecmo Ltd., among others.
?oJapan is one of the most important video game markets in the world and is a key pillar of our global strategy for Xbox 360,? said Peter Moore, corporate vice president of Worldwide Marketing and Publishing for Xbox at Microsoft. ?oOur deep commitment to the Japanese market is evident in the exciting and unprecedented alliances we’ve forged with Japan’s most talented and beloved game developers. Their new Xbox 360 titles will show the Japanese community and beyond that we are committed to defining the next generation of interactive entertainment.?
Xbox 360 Game Titles Shown at Xbox Summit 2005

? ?oCall of Duty 2?
? ?oTony Hawk’s American Wasteland?
? ?oQuake IV?
? ?oGun?
A R C System Works Co. Ltd.
? ?oVersus Tactical Action? (working title)
Artdink Corp.
? ?oA-Train X?
Atari Japan Co. Ltd.
? ?oTest Drive Unlimited?
Bandai Co. Ltd.
? ?oMobile Suit Gundam? (working title)
Banpresto Co. Ltd.
? ?oSuper Robot Wars? (working title)
? ?oBiohazard 5 (Resident Evil 5)?
? ?oDead Rising?
Cavia Inc.
? Title TBA
D3 Publisher Inc.
? ?oE-D-FX? (working title)
? ?oChambara Beauty X? (working title)
Eidos KK
? Title TBA
Electronic Arts K. K.
? ?oFIFA Soccer 2006?
? ?oNBA Live 2006?
? ?oNeed for Speed Most Wanted?
FromSoftware Inc.
Frontier Groove Inc.
? Title TBA
G.Rev Ltd.
? Title TBA
Genki Co. Ltd.
? ?oShutokou Battle? (working title)
Hamster Corp.
? Title TBA
Hudson Soft Co. Ltd.
? ?oFar East of Eden Ziria ?” Tales from Distant Jipang?
Idea Factory
? Title TBA
Jaleco Ltd.
? Title TBA
Kids Station Inc.
? Title TBA
KOEI Co. Ltd.
? ?oDynasty Warriors 5?
? ?oWinning Eleven? (working title)
? ?oRumble Roses XX? (working title)
? ?oProyakyu Spirits? (working title)
Marvelous Interactive Inc.
? Title TBA
Microsoft Co. Ltd.
? ?oEvery Party?
? ?oProject Gotham Racing 3?
? ?oFrame City Killer?
? ?oRidge Racer 6?
? RPG Title TBA
? ?oLove Football? (working title)
SEGA Corp.
? ?oChromehounds? (working title)
SNK Playmore Corp.
? ?oKing of Fighters Maximum Impact 2? (working title)
Spike Co. Ltd.
? Title TBA
Square Enix Co. Ltd.
? ?oFinal Fantasy XI?
Success Corp.
? ?oZookeeper? (working title)
? ?oOperation Darkness? (working title)
? ?oWorld Airforce? (working title)
? ?oDead or Alive 4?
? ?oDead or Alive Xtreme 2?
? ?oProject Progressive?
? ?oDead or Alive code: Cronus?
THQ Japan
? ?oSaints Row?
? ?oThe Outfit?
? ?oZoids? (working title)
Treasure Co. Ltd.
? Title TBA
Ubisoft KK
? ?oGhost Recon Advanced Warfighter? (working title)
? Title TBA
Yuke’s Co. Ltd.
? ?oWrestle Kingdom?

Japanese-developed games have been embraced across the world for their unique design, eclectic characters, film-quality production values and fantastic gameplay. With Xbox 360 providing next-generation muscle, these fascinating worlds and characters explode into the high-definition era. Today’s breathtaking game demonstrations proved to the world, with staggering results, what happens when Japan’s unique visionaries develop for the most powerful next-generation system.

?oThe next generation is here, and Microsoft is ready to deliver,? said Shigeru Yokoyama, Contents and Technology Company president of Namco. ?oWith the blend of powerful hardware, software and services, Xbox 360 allows us to create gaming experiences more satisfying, more lifelike and more interactive then ever before. The possibilities of some of our most exciting franchises and games, such as ?~Ridge Racer’ and ?~Frame City Killer,’ are limitless on Xbox 360.?

?oBandai is developing three exclusive games for Xbox 360, one of which is ?~Mobile Suit Gundam,’ a fully networked game that utilizes the Xbox Live infrastructure. With a combination of HD quality and Xbox Live, gamers will be able to experience a totally new Gundam world,? said Shin Unozawa, president, Video Game Company, Bandai Co. Ltd.

?oWith Xbox 360, we are working with the most advanced gaming technology in the world to create the ultimate gaming experience,? said Isamu Fukada, director of Tecmo. ?oMicrosoft’s next-generation platform demonstrates a sincere commitment to delivering great games to the Japanese market.?

?oMicrosoft has assembled an impressive lineup of Japanese game developers and seems committed to producing games that appeal to this market,? said Michihiro Ishizuka, corporate officer, president, Konami. ?oWe are excited about the possibilities provided by Xbox 360’s powerful hardware and services, and look forward to creating dynamic new worlds for gamers to explore.?

Today’s demonstrations also showcased the innovative strides being taken to advance the online gameplay experience through Microsoft’s industry-leading online games service, Xbox Live. Xbox Live has a worldwide membership exceeding 2 million, having doubled its dynamic community in just one year ?” the equivalent to adding one Xbox Live member every 30 seconds. With Xbox 360, gamers can expect incredible new experiences in the next generation of Xbox Live with features such as multiple levels of service (free Xbox Live Silver membership to premium Gold membership), Gamercards, Gamerzones, an integrated message center and Xbox Live Marketplace, a one-stop shop for downloadable content, including free and premium maps, levels, demos, casual games, trailers, and other game-enhancing content. Xbox 360 is on track to launch in three regions this Christmas holiday: Japan, Europe and North America. This three-region launch will be a first in video game history.