Welcome to Leipzig

My Leipzig View

Another view

I made it to Leipzig in one piece WITH my luggage. I checked into the hotel and met some folks from the German Xbox office. After dropping my luggage in my room, I went out and grabbed a quick bit to eat with the German team at a local restaurant. (side note: it was ?~American Night’ at the restaurant. how funny is that?) I am trying to stay up as long as I can, so that the effects of Jet Lag will be minimal. The good news is, the German Xbox team filled me in a little on Wednesday’s announcements. No, I can’t give you a preview?in fact I still don’t know all the announcements?I’ll learn more tomorrow when I go over to the convention center, and see the booth. I’ll have a complete report tomorrow. In addition, I’ll also have a report on Xbox.com, where they’ll have all the official announcements posted. I have been listening to local radio here in Leipzig, and for some reason every other song sounds like Falco’s ?oRock Me Amadeus.?

Ok, time to catch up on email. I’ll have more photos etc tomorrow.

Oh yea, this is the view from my hotel room.