Xbox 360 Web Integration

For the past few months, the Xbox web team has been working on a very special Xbox 360 feature that we have kept quiet, until now. Next week when we re-launch, you’ll see a new section of the site called “My Xbox.” Imagine having all that cool gamer card stuff that you have seen in the Xbox 360 Dashboard, on the web. Assuming you have your Xbox 360 connected to the internet, you can! In addition to being able to view your gamer card and the games that you have played, you can also view other members’ gamer cards and the games they have played. You can even compare your achievements to someone else! We are also giving you the ability to take a version of your gamer card (above) and place it on your blog, a forum signature, web page…anywhere you can drop some HTML code. Your gamercard will then be automatically updated as you play games, increase your gamerscore etc. How is that for cool?

We are also upgrading the official Xbox forums, when they are upgraded your gamertag will be your forum name?and when you post, we show your gamer card right next to your post. All of this coolness will come online next week, when Xbox Live and are upgraded. Here are details on the timing of the upgrade

You can get a preview of all the coolness coming to Xbox 360 owners in this story on Xbox .com or this story on IGN.