Xbox Live Upgrade Menu

As the entire Xbox Live team works into the night, the managers cooked dinner this evening so everyone could stay focused on the upgrade. After a couple of Costco runs, and rental of an enormous grill that took up a couple of spaces in the parking lot, the chefs managers dug in and turned out quite a feast for the troops. [Flickr photos here]

Tonight’s very special Xbox Live upgrade menu consisted of:

Grilled Garden burgers
Flame Broiled NY Strip and Filet Mignon
Asparagus with Garlic and Lemon Pepper
Baked Potatoes with warm butter
Collared Greens
Sauted Garlic Mushrooms
Chocolate Chip Cookies

And many cases of Rockstar Energy Drink to rinse it all down.

In addition to that, the war room is filled with assorted snacks, cookies etc to keep the team powered well into the night.

Edit: When I have an ETA that and Xbox Live are due to come back online….I’ll post it.