Presenting ?oMy Xbox? and the all new Xbox forums

A few moments ago, we brought another piece of the Xbox. com and Xbox Live up upgrade online. ?oMy Xbox? and the Xbox forums are now available for everyone to check out and enjoy. Do you have an Xbox Live Gamertag already? You can now go in and start setting up your profile in preparation for your Xbox 360. We also have an enhanced ?~My Friends’ section, along with ?~My Achievements’ (which won’t be very exciting until people start playing Xbox 360 games!) Also, when you go to post in the Xbox forums?your gamercard will be right there next to your Gamertag (which is also your forum name.)

Post your thoughts about the new features in the new Xbox forums here

Click here to set up your profile (if you are already gamertag linked.)

P.S. If you don’t have a gamertag, you can sign up for one and reserve it for your Xbox 360 experience.