Xbox 360 BC list updated

The backwards compatibility team has updated the list of original Xbox games that can be played on your Xbox 360. If you have an Xbox 360 with the HDD, and you are connected to Xbox Live, you’ll automatically get a prompt to download the auto update when you toss in an original Xbox game disc. Thanks to the team for listening to the community feedback and working hard to make more titles work in BC mode. (Splinter Cell…cool!)

[See the complete list here]

[Details on how Backwards Compatibility works on the Xbox 360 here]

Note: The team called out which titles are new additions to the list, and added an updated date to the page so you can easily tell when it has been updated

Edit: There was a problem w/ Halo 2 running in wide screen mode, so the update was pulled down. The team worked through the night to fix it, and will have the new update available later today (Friday.)

Edit: Locking this post so you can comment on the update to the update post I made.