Let’s play PDZ Friday

On my last blogcast I mentioned that I was thinking about hosting a 32 player Perfect Dark Zero match from the fast connection in my office at the Xbox HQ. The boss is out tomorrow, (Friday 12/16/05) let’s do it.

I will be on at 3p PT / 6p ET on Friday 12/16 for an hour to play Perfect Dark Zero (click here to see what time that translates to in your time zone.)

Send me a message and let me know you’d like to play, and I’ll invite you in. My friends lists or message inbox will fill up fast, but I will be clearing it off as quickly as I can, or you can send ‘e’ or ‘Rednex’ a friends request or message…tell them you want him to play in the PDZ game. Both e and Rednex work on the Xbox Live Operations team, so they’ll be happy to help manage the requests 🙂