COD2 Title update now available

I just got here to my hotel room in San Jose, and I wanted to post that the (long awaited) Auto Update for Call of Duty 2 is now live.

Here is what IW posted in the Xbox forums while I was in the air:

“Hello Everyone,

We are extremely pleased to announce that our second Title Update is being released globally to you now!!

Call of Duty 2 will automatically update when you sign into LIVE. This update offers significant enhancements, including improved multiplayer performance, the ability to reserve friend slots in private game lobbies, post-game lobbies so friends can play longer, configurable host options and much more.

We thank you for your patience and support! All the best and see you on LIVE!


Infinity Ward”

[Complete post and discussion here]

Edit: We’re aware that some users may be experiencing issues with Player Match since the release of the new Title Update and are actively investigating the issue.
Edit: We are no longer seeing issues with player match, but we will continue to monitor closely.

Edit:Matchmaking issues are solved…have fun!