E3 Factoids

I just got an email in from the E3 folks with some interesting factoids that I’d thought I’d share

BTW: Keep an eye on Xbox.com’s E3 coverage for lot of stories, videos and screenshots direct from the show floor.

Factoids Provided by E3 organizers:

–More than 400 exhibiting companies representing 90 countries will showcase thousands of the latest computer and video games and technologies within 540,000 net square feet of exhibit space, an area equal to 40 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

— Almost two-thirds of E3Expo exhibitors (60 percent) will showcase games scheduled to hit store shelves by the 2006 holiday season.

— Exhibitors will display nearly 1,000 never-before-seen games and products.

— Almost half of exhibitors (49 percent) will launch one or more titles for the latest handheld platforms.

— Eleven percent of companies will exhibit one or more games featuring celebrities or other “Hollywood” talent including directors, screenwriters and musicians.

— One-tenth of exhibitors (10 percent) will present one or more games or products including a health or fitness element.

— More than 5,800 flat screen computer and television monitors will be seen on the show floor and in public areas.

— More than 850,000 pounds of equipment will run along the convention ceiling.

— Approximately 79,000 square yards of carpet and other flooring will cover the LACC.

I was going to add my own (made up) factoids in this space , but I thought I would leave that to you folks. What factoids should we add on to this list (relative to E3) ? 
How about enough Mt. Dew will be consumed at E3 to fill two of the Great Lakes?