Xbox 360 Dashboard release schedule

I am happy to inform you that the highly-anticipated Xbox 360 Dashboard update will be released tomorrow morning beginning at 0200 PT (See what time this is in your time zone.) This free update contains some of your top requested features including background downloading, boot to dash and others for a total of over 125 new features and enhancements. Read more details from the press release on or see the complete list of features here.’s Elle also has this story on the update.

While the update is being released at 0200 PT not everyone will receive it immediately. It can take up to four hours for a user to be prompted to receive this update, so please be patient. There is no way to speed up the process, every Xbox 360 will receive the prompt to upgrade sometime between 0200 and 0600 (or the next time you sign in to Xbox Live.) 

In addition to playing on Xbox Live, here are some things to do while you are waiting for the update to appear on your Xbox 360:
Read the Dash update story on Joystiq and Kotaku
Or you can listen to my recent podcast with Xbox PR manager BIGVIP where we go through some of the new features
Look at some new screen shots of the new features that will soon be on YOUR Xbox 360.

Edit: Added deep link to the feature list.
Edit: Added Elle link