‘Superman Returns’ video content

A lot of video content for the new movie 'Superman Returns' just went live on the Xbox Live Marketplace for Xbox Live members in the US and Canada. (why is this content not availabel in every region?)
Here is what is now available for download:
Superman Returns Trailer #2 (480p/720p)
Superman Returns Trailer #3 (480p/720p)
Superman Returns: Action (480p/720p)
Superman Returns: Ride (480p/720p)
Superman Returns: Greatest American Hero (480p/720p)
Superman Returns: Power (480p/720p)
Bryan's Journal #11 – Clark Returns
Bryan's Journal #17 – "Untitled"
Bryan's Journal #20 – Love Previs
Bryan's Journal #22 – 20 Hours in San Diego
Bryan's Journal #27 – Bespoke