Headed back to Seattle

Tomorrow, I’ll be headed back to Seattle from Central Florida. I am sorry I did not have time to do a ‘Gamertag Gathering’ this time around…but I will be back to the area again, since I have family down here, so there will be plenty of chances to do something in the future. Next time, I’ll be sure to grab some cool stuff to give away which should get some people off of their couches 🙂 Tomorrow’s show will be a little different in terms of format, since it will be a collection of interviews I did at the Madden Community Day earlier this week. No ‘Name the Game’ or any of the other standard show features – those will return next week.

Speaking of the Community Day –  what a fantastic community and set of folks I met at the event. I love the passion and commitment in the community. The guys over at MaddenNation.com invited me to sit in on their show, so if you want to get overloaded with a TON of Madden information, listen to the show here.