Bringing it Home – Day 10

For this final day, we have the following content now available on the Xbox Live Marketplace:

X06 Arcade Montage
Blitz the League

X06 Picture Pack

While not officially part of the bringing it home promotion, the below content has just gone live as well:

Saint’s Row-Mayhem Video Strategy (720p)*
Saint’s Row-Insurance Fraud Video Strategy (720p)*
Saint’s Row-Hitman Video Strategy (720p)*

*Not available in France

Edit: This just in…some late additions to today’s crop:

LEGO Star Wars II 360 Downloadable Character Pack (200 points) Not available in Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Singapore, or Taiwan

Bringing it Home: Army of Two – Trailer

Bringing it Home: Interview Day 3 Briefing Backstage Pass (Japan only)