Times Reader

One thing I always missed about living in New England was going to my local bagel shop in the morning and grab a hot salt bagel, and a copy of the New York Times to start my day. When I moved to the Northwest, I changed my morning routine…but still missed the Times. Yea, I know I can always hit Nytimes.com, but it just wasn’t the same. Right before I left for my global trip a few weeks back, I was invited into the beta program for the Times Reader. It’s an application based approach that allows you to, among other things, read the ‘paper’ off-line (great for when I had a crappy connection in Barcelona) as well as a few other helpful features. I was happy to find out tonight that the Times Reader beta program is now open to the public. The application uses a new MS technology called ‘Windows Presentation Foundation’ that is pretty nice, and much better then the Zinio reader I have used to in the past to read e-magazines or e-newspapers. The Time Reader is free, so give it a try and tell me what you think. (Note: You’ll need to create a free Nytimes.com account in order to download and use the application.)