Wrapping things up

I am headed out of Toronto in a few hours, but let's wrap a few things up from past few days:

  • The first 'X0' event in Canada was huge success. If you live in Canada, and you missed the opportunity to attend the private Community party, make sure you keep an eye on Xbox.com Canada next year around this time. Great meeting everyone last night!
  • Sinnix, who does a great web comic for Xbox.com Canada, has posted photos of the event as well.
  • Epic's Mark Rein did a Q&A session with the community that I recorded for this weeks show…some good Q's and A's' about 'Gears'
  • Xbox Live and Xbox.com (including 'My Xbox') is back online after the maintenance. I'll see if I can get 'e' from the Ops team on the show to talk about what goes on during the mysterious maintenance.
  • I took a little longer then anticipated, and was a bumpier ride..but we appear to be in the clear now. Let me know if you guys have any further issues.
  • Did you find the couple of new features on Xbox.com yet? I was going to mention them, but I figured I'd let you guys hunt it all down. Too lazy to click around? I'll go over the list on my show this weekend.
  • The 'Advanced Pack' for Lumines Live is now available for download from Arcade.
  • I can't wait to get back and play Splinter Cell Double Agent this weekend.

Posted from the luxurious Holiday Inn in downtown Toronto