Major Nelson on Sirius

As I mentioned in previous blogcasts, I have been asked to appear as on a new Satellite radio show on video games. The first episode of the show, called ‘Level Up,' will air tomorrow (10/31) at 2p ET/11a PT on Sirius Satellite, Maxim channel 108. Since it’s the first show, it may be a little rough, so if you have Sirius please let me know how it sounds. This weeks episode will be pretty straight forward, but the shows co-hosts promise that we'll take live calls in the future. Speaking of co-hosts: I am not a co-host, but they have asked me to be a frequent guest on the show if I have time.

Warning: This is for casual video gamers…not the dedicated types that listen to my weekly show, or read the blog…so you may be a little bored with the banter.  

Edit: There will not be a re-broadcast as far as I know, and I’ll ask them if I can put up the show as a blogcast, but I doubt they’ll let me.