Major is back on the grid

My power came on late last night and the broadband returned this morning, so I am slowly getting back on track and thawing out from the deep freeze hitting the Northwest. What a heck of a weekend. You never really realize how debilitating no power is until you are sitting in the dark for four days. 
One of the items I did not get to post during my communication blackout was the announcement that ‘Gears’ sold 2 Million copies. I am sure some of you saw this already, but since I am just getting back up to speed, I thought the good news was worth repeating. Ok, now let me go poke around and see what’s new on Marketplace and start catching up on the 400+ unanswered emails I have in my in-box, and start chipping away at the hundreds of unread items on my feeds. Did I miss any other good news?

Edit: Thanks to Xbox360Fanboy for the rousing welcome back .