My Crackdown reality crisis

On my show this past Sunday, I was talking about how I have been playing Crackdown and having a great time with itbut that it has lead to some strange problems in real life. If you have downloaded the free demo, you’ll know what I mean. You see, Crackdown is one of those rare video games that you can’t shake even when you return to the real world. On my show Sunday I was talking about how when I walk around the Microsoft Campus, I am constantly searching for agility orbs (have not found one yet) as well as window sills to grab and buildings to jump over. I am constantly scanning the landscape for objects to pick up and high points to reach. Basically, I am looking for ways to stretch all the new skills I have acquired as I have been progressing through the game.  I am glad to know I am not alone in my Crackdown induced delusions of grandeur; it turns our Stephen over at MTV feels the same way.

Thanks for the link Billservo!

Edit: It looks like other people are having similar issues based on this photo album