F.E.A.R.: Control and Conquer All Map Pack (Free) – Updated

Name: Control and Conquer All Map Pack
Price: Free
Availability: Not available in Asia or Mexico
Dash Details: Download this FREE map pack and unlock the ability to play two new Multiplayer Modes, “Control” and “Conquer All,” on all your original FEAR multiplayer maps. In Control you capture areas of the map and must keep them from being recaptured by enemy forces. In Conquer All mode, your scoring is based on how many kills your team racks up and how many control points you have at the end of the round. Capture all 5 five control points to end the round early! Revisit of some of your favorite maps like, Rubble, Campus and Docks with a brand new twist!!
Size: 119.9 MB (approx.)

Edit: I just received the following text from the publisher that describes what is in the title update. Thanks to Vivendi Games for sending this over!

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This title-update for F.E.A.R. adds the Control and Conquer All modes to multiplayer game play.  Control and Conquer All are both new team game modes that pit each team in against each other in a struggle to dominate different control points on the map. Teams dominate control points by standing in proximity of the point and eliminating any enemies that come near the point.


In Control there are 3 control points on a map.  Your team gains points based on the amount of time a control point is in their possession—the more control points your team has the faster your team gains points.  The team with the most points at the end of the round wins.


In Conquer All there are 5 control points on the map.  If either team can hold all 5 points at one time they win.  If no team can control all 5 points simultaneously then the winning team is decided by points.  Teams get 10 points for each control point taken, 10 points for each enemy point neutralized and 1 point for each kill.


To play Control or Conquer All on the maps that shipped with F.E.A.R. download the free Control and Conquer All pack which adds the control points to the maps.


The title update also makes F.E.A.R. compatible with new maps that will be made available for purchase throughout the summer.


In addition to adding the new game modes to F.E.A.R. multiplayer the title update also makes it so a host in a Player Match can invite Friends to public slots as well as private slots.


Blood splatter has been added to enemy uniforms after being shot to make combat more visceral.


Players now have a full HUD fade option in the HUD fade speed slider to make game play more cinematic.  Players who choose this option will only see HUD elements when they are needed.

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