NCAA Football ’08 video replay

I played NCAA Football ‘08 yesterday, and was able use their new in game feature to upload video and photos of my favorite plays to You can see me guide my SU Orangemen to a 100–yard return on an interception in this video I saved in game and uploaded to EA. The video is in the lower right of the page. I must warn you though, the EASportsworld web site is entirely Flash based and unless you have a solid connection and a machine that can handle it, you may get some stuttering during playback of my clip.

The ability to take photos and video of your games and them upload them and share them on the web works quite well. Here is how you share out media from within your game:

1) Play NCAA Football ‘08 while connected to Xbox LIVE (it can be against the computer or another person)
2) During the game (or before you exit) be sure to go in and save photos/videos of your game. (Pause>EA Sports Highlight>View/Create Highlights, then choose your play and camera type)
3) When the game is done, go back to the main menu (your Shrine) and load up EA Sport Highlights, select your best ones and upload them to

What I can’t figure out is how to take the FLV file you can download and then convert it into something that can be uploaded to YouTube or Soapbox. Anyone figure that out yet?
Also, because the site and player is all Flash you can’t just copy the URL by right clicking on the player to get the URL to share or embed your awsome plays to your blog/my space. (boo)

BTW: I know my big 100 yard run was against Nevada…but that was my first game and I wanted to start out slow win.