Today’s XNA Announcements

Some great stuff coming out of today’s Gamefest conference here in Seattle.

Highlights include:

‘Blazing Birds’ and ‘The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai’ were chosen as the winners of the Dream-Build-Play contest.

XNA Game express has become XNA Game Studio 2.0.

Schizoid will become the first XNA Game Studio title to be released on Xbox LIVE Arcade (later this year.)

XNA Game Studio Developers will have access to Xbox LIVE networking support.

New content usage rights around Microsoft Game Studio content for non-commercial use. This basically means you can use game footage from games where Microsoft and MGS own the copyright to create your own Machinima (for non-commercial and personal use) without getting sued 🙂 Complete details and rules here.

SOFTIMAGE|XSI 6 Mod Tool (3-D modeling and animation software) will be free to use in XNA Game studio for non-commercial projects.

Track more of the conference at the XNA Team blog.

[The press release that provides more details]