How to use an enhanced blogcast

When I produce my weekly blogcasts (also known as Podcasts) I offer two versions: MP3 and WMA.
The MP3 version is great for iPods and other platforms that don’t support WMA.

If you download the WMA version and listen to it on your Windows PC or Apple Mac, and you have your media player properly configured, then web sites and URL’s that I mention during th show will automatically open in your default web browser.

Here is how to configure your Windows Media Player to enjoy this enhancement:

If you have an Apple Macintosh running OSX: Download the Windows Media Player 9 for Mac OS X here. Once you have it installed, open the media player, then open the Preferences and click the security tab. Ensure that “Run script commands when present” is checked off, like in the screen shot below:













If you are running Microsoft Windows: You’ll need Windows Media Version 9 or above. You can download the latest released version here. Once you have the player properly installed, you’ll need to go to TOOLS then OPTIONS. Then click on the SECURITY tab. Ensure that the “Run script commands when present” option is checked off, like the screen shot below: