Headed to E3 2008

I am packing up and getting ready to head to Los Angeles for E3. I have a couple of days of pre-show work to do before the fun starts bright and early Monday morning with the Microsoft Press Briefing. While I cant say too much, I will say I am pretty damn excited about what weve got lined up for the briefing. Since Ill be down in LA for about a week, I thought Id give you a round up of what Ill be up to, and how you can stay connected to all the action.

Live Blogging of the Press Briefing
Ill be live blogging the event on my Twitter, unless the FailWhale makes an appearance at which point Ill switch over to my brightkite. Confused yet? Yea, it can get a little crazy during this show. Your best best is to just watch my Friendfeed (see below or subscribe to it via RSS) which will do all the hard work of following me around to the various social networking sites. That way you can focus on the news, rather than the method of delivery.

Audio from the Press Briefing
As usual, Ill have the audio of the entire briefing posted as soon as technologically possible after the show. If you add my audio RSS feed right now, youll get it the moment its available in the Zune Marketplace or the iTunes store.

Daily coverage on Xbox.com and Inside Xbox
Xbox.com/e3 is where you can get all the latest official news, trailers and video games.  Weve got a full crew going down to cover the event to bring you the coverage. Keep an eye on your console, specifically Inside Xbox as well since well also be serving up the latest there as well.

E3 2008 Bringing It Home
As in events past, the Xbox LIVE Marketplace will be overflowing with content as part of our Bringing It Home campaign. This will deliver many of the trailers and videos released at E3 directly to your Xbox 360most of them in HD. In addition, well also have gamer pictures, themes and more available throughout the week.

In LA? Want to meet the community team to discuss what we announced?
If you are in the Southern California area, and want to meet the Xbox Community teams and discuss what we announced at the briefing earlier in the day, come on down to the Starbucks near the LA Convention Center (1111 South Grand Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90015) between 3pm and 4pm on Monday July 14th. Thanks to the Gamerscoreblog folks for putting this together and letting us get our caffeine on!

As usual, Ill do the best I can to update you on the marketplace content, but realistically you should look for an end of day recap since Ill be quite busy each day. Since I’ll be all over the LA area, I’ll update brightkite with my whereabouts. 

Thats about all Ive got right now. As you can imagine, Ill have a lot more to chat about next week.