Detente at E3 2008

E3 2008 is over, and I am headed back to Seattle. I hope you’ve enjoyed the coverage on Inside Xbox and All of the videos on Inside Xbox are now on (the U.S. versions) if you are not near your console (or outside the U.S.) Today was a pretty exciting day as both Reggie and Shigeru Miyamoto came by to check out the Xbox 360 booth..and spent time with the new Xbox experience. I also caught up with Jeff Rubenstein who runs the Playstation Blog. He gave me a tour of the Sony booth (where I got a Resistance 2 demo from James Stevenson from Insomniac Games.) In turn, I brought him into our booth to get a closer look at what we announced. I also caught up with Sean Baptiste from Harmonix at the (now) legendary Rock Band party last night (special guests: The Who…who kicked much ass in their 90–minute set.) It was great to see old friends again, and actually meet, in person, some of the  many people that I’ve been emailing/twittering/IMing with over the past year. I met many many more from the industry and community but now, it’s back to the office to check in on the team back in Redmond who have been working very hard on many of the things we announced this week. 

Later LA.

Posted from gate 76 at LAX via my blazingly fast Treo 800w