Destination: Tokyo

I leave for the Tokyo Game Show today. I am confident that my travel to Japan will be more successful than last year, so I am pretty excited to return to Tokyo especially since Xbox will, for the first time, be delivering a keynote at TGS. I am going to do my best to have the complete audio of the keynote available later that day for download. Ill also try to live blog the event on my Twitter, but that is dependent on my connectivity at the venue. Either way, the keynote is at 12noon local time on Thursday, October 9th, so expect the news to start flowing following the event.  Ill be staying in Shinjuku for a couple of days for business and pleasure. In my spare time Ill head (via the worlds busiest train station) to some of the side alleys in Akihabara which is where the real interesting games and gadgets live. Mid-week, I move out to Makuhari Messe for the show. I am bringing  a few phones that should work in Japan, including my Motorola Q9H as well as my brand new Treo pro. My phone guy tells me that they should work fine in Japan, so if that is the case I may be posting on Twitter as I travel about Tokyo. While I am gonemy blog posts here will be erratic as a result of trying to work remotely many times zones ahead of the office, but e will be stepping in to post when he has a few extra moments to keep the lights on and (along with Litheon) keep an eye on things around here. If you are in the area and plan on attending TGS, send me a message over live or on major at and maybe we can meet up at the Microsoft booth.  See you at the show.

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