Prepare for L&D and install GTA IV to your Hard Drive

If you want to get ready for The Lost and Damned available tomorrow, why not install GTA IV to your hard drive? I realize many of you are already using this feature with more recently relapsed games, but since GTA launched last year many months before we added this feature in NXE, I thought it would be worth mentioning.


If you have your hard drive attached, it’s pretty simple and will take you about 7-9 minutes and will result in your console running pretty quiet while you are running amok in Liberty City.


Assuming you already have NXE, here is how you do it: Insert your GTA disc and scroll up to MY XBOX. Press Y (game details) on the first slot in MY XBOX. From here choose Install to Hard Drive. That’s it. After a few minutes, you’re done! Next time you insert your GTA disc, it will automatically run from the hard drive. 


Edit: to be clear, installing a game to the hard drive is entirely optional.