BF: 1943 Update


I know many of you have been having problems with getting online and finding a match in Battlefield:1943. I just heard from EA, and they wanted me to let you know that “Battlefield 1943 has been so well received and in such high demand we exceeded our server capacity. I know many have a hard time getting in, but a lot of people are playing and overwhelmingly love it.  Because of this many people at DICE and EA have been working non-stop since the game launched to add more servers so that we meet the demand and keeping our community as up-to-date as possible.  Because of these efforts we will have enough servers to meet these player count demands very soon.”


That’s the latest update directly from the developers. Assuming things stabilize, I also want to make sure everyone doesn’t forget that starting tomorrow, July 10 at 19:43 CEST/7:43am ET/10:43am PST the Coral Sea Community Challenge will begin as planned because a lot of people are playing and EA wants to start tracking this and reach that goal of 43M kills as possible.


For all the latest updates on the servers and the Coral Sea Challenge, watch the official BF1943 Twitter