Homework before you play Homefront

I was perusing Netflix a few weeks ago, and came across the The Vice Guide to Travel. This is from the strange dudes behind Vice Magazine (which should tell you something right there.) What I want you to do is go straight to episode 8, VICE Guide to North Korea. This 60-minute episode will provide you with a rare glimpse of life inside North Korea which is different to say the least. The section with the Mass Gymnastic demonstration (Mass Games) alone is indescribable. For another angle on the Mass Games, watch A State Of Mind (Netflix link) from the BBC.  If you are looking forward to Homefront releasing this week, then watching one or both of these programs may give you a bit of the backstory that sets the stage for the story in Homefront.


You Tube preview of Vice Guide to North Korea
Direct Netflix link to VICE Guide to North Korea

Direct Netflix link to A State Of Mind


I know Netflix is not available in all Xbox LIVE regions, so do a search at your local video provider to see if they carry them. If you watch it, let me know what you think.